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Traditional italian cuisine

Il Molo Prague’s philosophy is based on traditional italian cuisine, which our chef Daniele Zingoni offers in a modern way by using the method sous-vide. The menu consists of mainly freshly caught fish, seafood and seasonal products prepared with respect to their character and original taste.

Nevertheless, we also offer Italian home-made pasta and bread, as well as hand-made and artistically decorated desserts. Moreover, guests of Il Molo Prague can choose from more than 80 wine brands from around the world.

Authentic italian restaurant in Prague

A part of our philosophy is to ensure a unique culinary experience for our customers in a beautiful space with elegant design. The design of our restaurant is made by an Italian studio called Chelini in cooperation with the artist Elisabetta Cardella.

The fragmentation of the space allows customers to enjoy food in various spaces. While one of the rooms provides an unforgettable experience thanks to an open kitchen, another is connected to a garden space.

Those who seek some privacy and quiet will also surely appreciate going down the stairs into a cozy basement space with wine storages, a truly historical space. This room can be used for formal meetings or discreet business conferences.

About the Chef

Daniele Zingoni comes from Tuscany, where he was used to cooking with genuine and flavorful ingredients such as olive oil, bread or pasta. Daniele strives to offer that very same experience of eating food made out of such ingredients to the guests at Il Molo Prague.

Daniele gathered various culinary experiences all around the world and learned from cooking masters such as Alain Ducasse in his Michelin restaurant Jules Verne in Paris or Carlo Cracco in the Ristorante Cracco. Additionally, he regularly participates in national and international competitions where he regularly places top, for example in the IKA “cooking Olympics” that take place in Erfurt, Germany.

Our vision

Our vision was to create a delightful place with a pleasant atmosphere where the food is not only tasty and easy to digest, but also aesthetically pleasing. Our establishment is a place where you and your family or friends can go to for both, a luscious lunch or a formal dinner.

Our inspiration stems from our affiliated Tuscan restaurant Molo 73 near Florence. Our chef Daniele Zingoni used to work in this restaurant, and it has become a magnet for gourmets from all around Italy, thanks to its delicious Mediterranean cuisine and a rich selection of wines. Our cooperation with Molo 73 continues to this day, be it either in terms of inspiration or supply of fresh ingredients for our cuisine.

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